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Uphold The Law

    We have our five principles of the country. One of them is to uphold the law. And that's our responsibility too. Nowadays, we can see crimes happening anywhere, including the area you live for a long time. These crooks are just people who never take their responsibilities seriously, and they should be punished for what they had done.

    Another "unlawful" actions by some teenagers are taking drugs and smoking. These actions will mostly lead the teenagers into crimes like robbery and stealing, they do it in order to satisfy their "addiction" because drugs and cigarettes are not cheap these days. Another factor is that a drug user or a heavy smoker has no strength to work, all they do is taking drugs and/or smoking.

    We are now matured enough to take our duties seriously to maintain peace for the country. Everyone knows if the country is full of criminals and crooks, no one will go to that country for business or for holiday. So, all we need to do is to uphold the law and do whatever the government wants us to do. Legally.