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Responsibilities For Students

    For the students, they also have a responsibility to the country. Government have given a lot of facilities for their studies and students are responsible to study hard to help the nation in the future because one day the students will take over the nation. But somehow, there are a lot of discipline problems caused by the teenagers.

    Government has made a lot of steps to solve the problems but still, the teenagers cause major problems for the country. Government spent millions of Ringgit to prevent the teenagers from drugs, melepak and other unhealthy habits. We can’t rely on Government to stop this kind of problem. Parents are responsible for the problem and can help the government to solve this problem by knowing where their children go and what they did.

    Parents should not be too kind to their children or they will not be able to understand what is right and what is wrong. They should teach their children from a tender age about the problems that teenager has encountered. And the most important thing is a teenager as a student must be responsible for himself or herself and for the country.

    Another way which students can help the current economic crisis is by avoiding studying overseas if the course is available here. If the course isn't available in local universities, the students can sign up for the twinning program, which lets a student study locally for the first few years and to overseas for the last few years. Of course, the twinning program only serves as an alternative if the course isn't available in local universities.