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Maintain Independent

   Malaysia had been independent for so many years. And to gain such a long lasting independence is not easy. It's hard work!

    To maintain the Malaysian image is not just the work of the Prime Minister and his colleagues, it's also our duty and responsibility to maintain it for our future generation. Tunku Abdul Rahman had made our vision possible, and it's up to us to either to maintain it or just let it go. If you choose to let it go just because of the currency problem, then you are nothing but a "nincompoop" and junk for this country.

    Some countries, they had a positive vision for Malaysia to fight for a comeback. And it's our responsibility to fulfil their vision, make Malaysia as proud as before. And with so many races joint forces, the battle can be a 'sure-win' battle. Therefore our responsibility is to maintain and preserve our country's independence even if we must use our lives to exchange for it! WE WILL FIGHT TILL THE END!