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Keeping The Country Clean

    Cleanliness is the most important thing for the country. And who is going to keep the country clean? I mean, physically and mentally? Well, not just the Municipal Council, we are responsible for keeping the country as clean as possible. Take a look at Singapore, it can be said the cleanest country in South East Asia. Trust me, people over there they pick up whatever rubbish they stumble on and they throw it into the nearest dust bin, instead of the street, drainage or even under the tree. If every one of us starts throwing our unwanted junks into the dustbin or recycle it everyday and overnight, I believe Malaysia will be as clean as Singapore.

However, there's one more thing. Keeping the country clean is only keeping our appearance clean. What about our inner image? Malaysia is a country of various races, the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, and lots more. It's our responsibility to respect each of our cultures and share our dreams of independence. We must have our own self-respect and eternal moral values.

    We young people today learn Morals Education (Pendidikan Moral), but often people said that our moral is declining very rapidly due to the economic growth. This is because we never train ourselves to become moral people. Some people, nowadays, think the words 'sorry' or 'thank you' or even 'excuse me' is so hard to say. I don't think that's very hard at all, unless you're a mute. These people surely don't have eternal moral values. They are just selfish people who think they are more superior to the other.

    Hey! We are all humans, and there's no difference upon who is the boss and who is not. Taking care of our moral, no matter whom you are dealing with, either a local or a tourist or yourself, is one responsibility that we have to bear. If both physically and mentally appearances are clean, we can even be far more advanced than Singapore. That sounds very perfect, isn't it? Well, we must put our best foot forward and do whatever we can, legally.