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Our Country, Our Responsibility.

Our country, our responsibility--LOGO

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Welcome to my humble webpage about Malaysia's National Day theme for this year(1998) --Our Country, Our Responsibility. Please Kindly sign the guestbook.

"Don't Ask What Your Country Can Do For You
Ask What You Can Do For Your Country"
  ~ President John F. Kennedy

   Since Malaysia gained its independence on the 31st of August 1957, its people have enjoyed happiness, peace and prosperity, even in a multi-racial society. Prior to July 1997, Malaysia's economy also had an 8 percent growth rate continuously for almost a decade, which is one of the highest in Asia, Malaysia is also one of the "Economic Tigers" in Asia.

    Malaysia is now a world recognised country, we have our own series of cars, a van, aeroplanes and even a 4x4 jeep, we also have many big projects like the Multimedia Super Corridor--the brainchild of our PM, has attracted interest from all over the world. With it, we can frog leap into the IT era. Another of our projects is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which has just been completed a few months ago. We Malaysians can be even more proud with the 16th Commonwealth Games held in September, because of the Games, we have also built many world-class sports facilities, with the aim of making this games the best ever!

    However, some people are just jealous of us, they are not only jealous of our high economy growth rate, but they are also jealous with out social stability, racial harmony and other different factors that they can't accomplish themselves. First, they disrupt our economy, hoping to halt our economic growth; then, they spread rumours on the Internet to damage our tourism industry. Isn't this very selfish of them?

    With our current economic crisis at hand, our great Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad appealed to the world organisations such as IMF and the World Bank to introduce control to stabilise the situation, he also  appealed to developed nations to step in to assist the affected countries. But, instead of assisting the affected countries, the developed nations have the IMF capitalised on the situation and penetrated into other economic crisis hit countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Korea to gain control of their economy.

    We then drop our hope for foreign assistance and take this problem into our own hands; it is now obvious that we have to pull ourselves out of the current turmoil. Our Prime Minister introduced many measures to help revive our ailing economy, these measures include diminishing the value of the Ringgit Malaysia outside Malaysia and applying a fixed foreign currency exchange rate. These measures are to drive out currency speculators from our country. Till now, our economy is slowly reviving.

    Hah! Why must we do that? The answer is very simple. Malaysia is our country and it's our responsibility to fight for our rights to send those evil people messing with the affairs of our country out of our country and take back everything we've lost, and we are going to fight till the end! It is our responsibility to protect and save our own country, just like children protecting their elderly parents and home.

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