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Conserve Our Nature Environment 

    It would be difficult to overstate the attraction of Malaysia for anyone who appreciates the natural world. A single half-kilometre plot of land in Borneo's lowland forest, for example, may well contain more than eight hundred different species of trees alone, a stunning degree of variety that pales, however, in comparison to the profusion and diversity of flowers, birds, ferns, and insects. 

    This endlessly varied environment also shelters a host of the world's rarest and most remarkable animals. Malaysia's forests are also home to Southeast Asia's highest peak, as well as to the world's most extensive and capacious natural caverns. The forest itself is one of the most ancient on the planet, far older than the equatorial forests of the Amazon or the Congo.

    In order to safeguard its precious natural heritage, Malaysia has set aside many areas as parks and wildlife reserves. Together with natural forest management, conservation of wildlife, birds and marine life, nature reserves have been established through a network of protected areas. Almost one and a half million hectares of conservation areas are protected by legislation.

    Although our government has set aside many areas as parks and wildlife reserves, we as the citizens of Malaysia should always keep our Nature Environment  clean and not destroying them. Thus helping both the people of Malaysia's health level and also our tourism industry.