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Conclusion And Our Vision

    Malaysia is a country that is moving towards the 21st century can't rely on the government to do everything. We, as the people of Malaysia also must help the government. It’s our responsibility to ensure that there is political stability in the country. Without political stability and unity will not be as peaceful as it is now.

    Every Malaysian is responsible for their country to move smoothly towards Wawasan 2020. We must be thankful to our heroes of yesteryears for fighting for our Independence. And now, after 41 year of independence we are living in a beautiful and peaceful country with modern technologies and facilities. We have the tallest building in the world, KLCC; 3rd highest tower in the world, Menara Kuala Lumpur; and one of the best airports in the world, KLIA. Malaysia is now  known everywhere in the world

    We are the nation, the pride of Malaysia. Our country has survived a lot of hindrance, now it's time to prove to the world that Malaysia will survive yet another hindrance, the economy problem.

    We must be proud to be Malaysians. Malaysia is a place on earth where there are no natural disasters, such as volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and so on.

And for the young generations, the future is on our hands. Let us shape our country nicely, and no longer let it drop into others hands. Let us learn from our mistakes from the past, and let it be a guidance to lead us to the future...