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Buy Made In Malaysia Products

    Have you heard of "Buy Malaysian"? It is a campaign that the government ran for a few years, its aim is to encourage Malaysians to buy Malaysian Made products. This can minimise imports, thus saving our country's money. Many people think that Made In Malaysia (MiM) products are lousy, unreliable, and made of "rotten" material. This thinking is very untrue in fact, WRONG! MiM products are affordable to most Malaysians. MiM goods are made by Malaysians for Malaysians, so it is PERFECT for us to use it! MiM products are the same as imported goods if not better! The only different thing between MiM products and imported products is the affordability of it.

    Look at the new MiM anti-virus software by FIBRESOFT, it is better than any other imported anti-virus software that are just way too expensive and that makes us buy pirated versions, which is illegal. This Malaysian Made software not only costs less but it is also much more reliable.

    Also, buying MiM products is a sign of supporting our own country and it is very true that giving a full support to our own country is the biggest, most important responsibility of all. There are a lot of MiM goods in the market. They are BOTH reliable and affordable. So, next time if you are ready to drive a luxurious car, remember the Proton Perdana or Elise!