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Be Initiative, Creative, and Innovative

    Knowledge and information is the world's most powerful medium. If we live without knowledge, we will be very out-dated and it will be very hard for us to catch up on others. As Malaysians, we must always update ourselves through all sorts of mediums, like television, radio, computer, newspapers or even books. It's an important responsibility for us to be always updated with the latest information in all aspects, so we can't lose to others while competing. In this modern world, information and knowledge is the key to success and there're no other alternatives. So, if you think you have a career in life, then work with it.

    When we have the knowledge, we need more skills and information. And how do we get more of it? Well, it's part of our responsibility to bring new technologies and advances into Malaysia in order to learn more and produce more. Just like people said, "When there's an input, there's must be an output." Malaysia is filled with potential workers. That's why with more new and modern technologies, Malaysia can easily grow in a very short time. The Prime Minister had told us to follow the East, not the West anymore. Countries like Japan and Korea are one of the fastest growing countries in the world. They quickly learn anything from outside of their country and apply it to produce something new that is useful for them and to the world.

    We must also have creativeness, with it, we can find new things people haven't make and produce it and let it be the first in the world, we must have the courage for creativeness, with it, we can also "open" a new market full of job chances. This can not only benefit the creator, but also the public looking for jobs.