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(And family--introduction)

Hi, my name is Tee Chin Yaw, I am 13 this year(1999), I was born on the 23rd of March 1986, my e-mails are: and . If you would want my address and phone number for any rhyme or reason, just e-mail me, I may or may not give you. I am studying in THE CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL, Singapore, if you want more information of my school, goto or --my school's websites. If you want to contact me by ICQ: my Universal Internet Number(UIN) or ICQ numbers are 5915635 for my desktop at home and 29688518 for my Laptop. During free times, I like to surf the web, creating homepages, do some computer programming, reading or sleeping. Other than that, I like sports and games such as swimming and air rifle shooting, I started swimming when i was in Primary 4 and since then, I represented my district and state on many events, I started shooting air rifles just during the begining of this year when the Secondary One students of our school attended the Sec. One orientation.

My family consists of 6 members, they are: my father, mother, two sisters, and a brother. My father is a civil engineer while my mother is a housewife, both my sisters are studying in Primary school now, my brother is just 5 years old and is "studying(or rather playing)" in a kindergarden. During weekends, my father always bring us out shopping(and sometimes just "window shopping"). During holidays, he also always bring us to various tourist attractions in the country, he also promised that if I get good results in my "O" level, he would bring all of us to a "Special" place.