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911 Amazing Funky Facts!!

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Wanna Know something about those cheeky chaps who is call 911??!!! Here it is..Amazing Funky Facts about 911!! Get reading...And if you have some funky facts that you will like to share, pls e-mail me at  .

1. Spike claims not to be superstitious. But u you will never catch the cheeky fella running on stage first..he insists on being last.

2. Jimmy once had his favourite hat nicked- while he was wearing it!" I was wearing it at a Radio One Roadshow in Milton Keynes" sniffs the blonde hero. "When a fan robbed it off my head!" Poor Jimmy!

3. When the lads are hungry, they love to order pizza." I have to order my own,"winces Lee. "The other two only eat pizza with peppers and I hate them so i can't share." Hmm...I'm sure lotsa fans will like to share with Lee huh??

4. n an interview with BIG!, Lee spilled the beans about Jim's cleaning fetish. "We used to share a house in Glasgow," says the pop prince. "As soon as Jimmy got in he'd have all his clothes washed and ironed in five hours!"

5. Jimmy a real animal lover. He used to own a Rottweiler called Sam but have to get rid of it because his sister Nicky was allergic to it. "It was the worst day of my life, I cried my eyes out!"says Jimmy.Awwww..poor u....

6. Asked who his ideal woman is, Spike is quick to mention Janet Jakson."She's so fit and Sandra Bullock is not bad either."Saucy!

7. Underwear is something the boys take seriously. They all wear boxers and Jim's been known to wear pink check once! "I never wear in front of the lads though cos I'd be embarrassed."

8. Luscious Lee is really fussy when it comes to food. "I could never eat squid or octopus,"he laughs. "They've got loads of horrible tentacles!"

9. Flying used to terrify Lee before he became a jet setter. "I was flying once when we hit an air pocket and dropped 5,000 feet.I just screamed my head off!"

10. Any fully fledged fans would know that Spike hs to eat beans with everything. "I eat at least three tins a da," says the Warrington lad." And I don't have a problem with wind.Beans just gives me more energy."

11. Before joining 911, Lee auditioned to be on Stars In Your Eyes, as Wet Wet Wet lead singer Marti Pellow.

12. If u live in the Warrington area, u might be lucky enough to be served a Big Mac by Spike. He went for a job there, got the uniform and never turned up again!

13. Two 911sters have had hunting experience one year. Jimmy saw a ghost while staying at a friend's house in Manchester.And Spike was in a hotel when suddenly his bathroom light came on! Spoocky!

14. How do you tink the lads stay so smooth? Well, that'll be down to them shaving their chests!"I shaved my chest once,"grinds Spike."I did it so the ladies don't think it's hairy!"Hmmm...

15. 911 are all huge fans of the Spie Girls. But when asked which Spice Girls they would sacked if they had to, Lee had no hesitation in saying Geri." Because her boobs get in the way all the time."Ooer...

16. Jimmy loves 911's fans.In fact he's been ever known to snoga few!" I sort of try to snog a few fans every night," says the saucy singer. Wow.Cool!!Guess which lucky fans will he snog next huh?

17. If it's love you're after, then Jimmy is your man." i fall in lvoe very easily," he sighs."Quicker than anybody else.I fall fo girls after 10 minutes!"

18. February 14 is a day Spike will never forget. He once sent a card to his teacher but his mate found out and told everyone. But did u know Spike received a Valentine Card from Ulrika Jonsson- that he wrote himself!Durr...

19. If you're planning a smoochy night in with the boys then u will need some help from Take That especially Gary Barlow. Lee's fave song is Love Don't Live Here Anymore. And Jimmy likes cuddling up to Forever love.

20. During a short stint at presenting The Big Breakfast, the lads had to judge a Spice Girls-lookalike competition. And Spike ended up swapping shoes with one of the entrants!

21. Jimmy got a shock when a fan asked him to sign some clothes- cos they were his!His auntie trish had given them away including his fave top which he wore in his first boxing match!

22. Lee has a soft spot for Home & Away babe Isla Fisher. But he also quits fancy Jenifer Anniston who stars in Friends.

23. Jimmy had a number of jobs before 911. He worked in Kwik Fit, been a life guard and played semi-pro football!

24. Pop prince Lee stills holds a candle for his ex-girlie Juliw. I'd go back out with her again but she's getting married." What a pity...

25. Two of Lee's fave things are cuddly toys and Pot Noodle! "I've tried all the flavours,"slurps the baby faced popstar."Chicken and Mushrooms is my favourite!"Yum.

26. You'd think 911 were sweet enough but Lee takes three sugars in his tea!Urg!

27. Don't ever accept a lift in the 911 tour bus because junk food fan leaves all his sweets wrappers on the floor!

28. Singing sensation lee is obsessed with having crisp clothes. He even forked out 21 pounds on a travel iron to make sure he is always well presented! Isn't that cutee!

29. Spike and Jimmy and lee are huge playstation fans and loe competing with each otherApparently Apike's the champion and always thrashes the others!

30. The video for love sensation almost ended i disaster. in one scene, lee is being pushed along by Spike. But he went a bit crazy causing Lee to fall off and landed in a hedge!Oh dear..