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911 Discography

Singles -

A night to remember


Love sensation



Don't make me wait

The day we find love


The Journey

Party people...Friday night

All I want is you

How do you want me to love you


The Journey
1 Don't make me wait
2 Bodyshakin'
3 Can't stop
4 The day we find love
5 Our last goodbye
6 A night to remember
7 Take good care
8 Love sensation
9 One more try
10 The swing
11 Rhythm of the night
12 The journey
Moving on
1 All I want is you
2 Moving on
3 Baby come back to me
4 How do you want me to love you
5 That's the way
6 New groove generation
7 Make you my baby
8 Don't walk away
9 Nothing stops the rain
10 Should've been the one
11 Party people...Friday night
12 Hold on

Video - The journey so far...

One hour of behind the scenes footage of 911 and exclusive interviews with Lee, Spike and Jimmy. With video of A night to remember, Love sensation, Don't make me wait, The day we find love, Bodyshakin' and The journey

Book - 911: our story

In 911: our story, Spike, Lee and Jimmy describe their extraordinary rise, tell how they're coping with their new-found fame, fortune and fans and talk openly about their lives and loves, families and friends, hopes and fears.

With never-before-seen photographs and exclusive in-depth interviews, 911: our story reveals the boys behind this pop phenomenon.