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100 Questions with 911


How many pillows do you have in bed?
"I sleep with two, and they have to be in the exact right position!"

Do you play any instruments?
"I played the triangle at school"

How many pairs of underpants do you own?
"I've got loads and loads, but I'm always leaving 'em in hotel rooms. I've got pants all over the world!"

Have you ever phoned the police?
"No, but I should have done once though. My dad caught a burglar in the garden and he shouted to me to dial 999! I ran inside and there was something good on TV so I forgot."

Do you eat pizza with knife and fork or fingers?
" Knife and fork, I have to cause I pile loads of beans on top."

When did you last cry?
"When Manchester United lost the league, I was gutted!"

Which body part are you most proud of?
"My erm, rude parts!"

How much money have you got on you?
"I've got my posh trousers on but there's only a quid in 'em! I've probably got thousands stashed away in my jeans!"

Who's your best mate?
"I couldn't just name one - I've got about 20! I grew up with my best mates."

What's your best 911 song?
"Bodyshakin' without a doubt!"

Have you ever seen a ghost?
"I don't really believe in them. I once woke up in the middle of the night and thought someone was in the room, but I put the light on and couldn't see anything! Weird!"

Can you swim?
"Oh yeah, I love water sports."

Did you have many fights at school?
"I was always having pretend scraps with me mates but nothing serious - honest!"

Have you ever worn a dress?
"Yeah, I wore one on stage about three weeks ago!"

How many kids would you like?
"Three, all lads!"

What was your dodgiest job?
"I was a bricklayer, but I was sacked for hitting my boss!"

What's your ideal sandwich filling?
"Chips, eggs and beans - lovely?"

Have you ever grown a 'tache?
"Nah, I always shave it off at the slightest sign of one."

Do you use a sunbed?
"I do actually. I fall asleep the second I get in one."

How romantic are you on a scale of one to ten?
"One! Maybe two on a good day!"

Corrie or Eastenders?
"I like 'em both, but Coronation Street's been really funny recently."

Have you ever been sick in a car?
"Yeah, loads of times. Once I was sick outside my manager's car when I'd drunk too much fizzy pop! A fan came out, scooped my sick up, put it in a bag and took it home!"

Favourite piece of jewellery?
"My ring and necklace from my mum. It's the only jewellery I ever wear, my mum would kill me if I didn't!"

Ever worn a brace?
"Nah. Why, do I need one?"

When were you last scared?
"When my brother was chasing me the other day for winding him up!"

Do you have any phobias?
"Not really, but I'm not keen on flying. I just hold on and try not to think about it!"

How many pairs of trousers do you own?
"Loads, it's like my underpants. I'm always leaving them in hotels around the world."

What colour toilet paper do you prefer?
"Arsenal colours cause their worth you know whating on!"

Would you take chocolates or flowers on a date?
"Neither! Could you imagine me turning up at Mr Smith's (Spike's regular nite club) with a bunch of flowers? The lads would kill me!"

What's your shoe size?
"Sevens in trainers and six in Caterpillar boots. Why d'ya ask? Are you gonna buy me some?"

How old do you want to be when you get married?
"Married, me? I'm never ever getting married!"

Which means more to you, love or health?
"Health, without a doubt!"

How often do you cut your toe nails?
"Hmmm, I don't know. I usually just pick em!"

Do you like green sweets?
"Oh yes! Chocolate limes are my absolute favourite!"


What body part are you least fond of?
"My nose, I broke it and there's a lump on it. I'd much rather it be straight but I wouldn't have a nose job."
What's the most you've spent on a hair cut?
"Hmmm, 65. That was for a wash and trim and light brown highlights. Bit of a con really, wasn't it?"
When did you last have a massage?
"Last Saturday. It was a neck and back massage 'cause my neck was very stiff!"
Briefs or boxers?
"Boxers without a doubt"
Have you ever worn a bra?
"Yes - on my head at a a party! But I haven't worn one properly!"
If you weren't called Lee what would you be called?
"My mum wanted to call me Lee even if I had been a girl! I would have liked to have been called Robbie - that's what I'll call my boy if I have one. If I have a girl I'd call her Star."
When did you last get told off?
"I don't really get told off I just have, aherm, disagreements. My tour manager might shout at me if I wander off when I'm supposed to be somewhere important"
Is the Millenium Dome a good idea?
"I couldn't care less about that dome. It's a total waste of money!"
How much do you weigh?
"Eight stone 11 pounds"
Are you bad when you're angry?
"Hmm, it depends how mad I am. I don't really shout - I just talk loud!"
How handsome are you?
"Out of 10 I'd say I'm about a six!"
Favourite book?
"I loved the Hobbit by JRR Tolkien"
Where are you most ticklish?
"Underneath me arms and my feet!"
What's your favourite animal?
"A dog."
What time did you go to bed last night?
"It was this morning at 2am!"
Do you read your horoscope?
"Yeah I do - but I'm not sure if I believe them. I mean, the same thing can't be happening to everyone at the same time, can it?"
What knickers have you got on today?
"I've got Levi's boxer shorts on!"
Have you ever bought a saucy mag?
"No, but me mates have, and I've had a peek at a few when I was younger - they don't really interest me anymore!"
Madonna or Celine?
"I like them both as artists but if I was going on a date I'd take Madonna!"
Do you like your peanut butter smooth or crunchy?
"Yuk! I hate peanut butter - that stuff's not for me!"
What would you ask Leonardo DiCaprio?
"Can I have one of your film roles?"
What non-showbiz job would you do if you weren't in 911?
"I'd be a footballer or a racing driver"
How long does it take you to do your hair?
"About 20 minutes to wash and dry it. Getting me parting sorted is dead important!"
Can you speak any foreign languages?
"When I was 11 at school I did French, Italian and Spanish but I couldn't speak any of those languages now."
Who do you fancy?
"I really fancy Isla Fisher who used to be in Home & Away. Oh and erm, (Lee goes all coy) I fancy Emma Spice too!"
Do you like custard?
"Yes, but it's got to be piping hot!"
Ever been stuck in a lift?
"Yes! We were on Noel's Gotchas and they made the lift stop as we were on our way to an interview! I didn't find it very funny!"
What's your favourite word?
What's scary?
"I'm like Spike, I don't like flying very much. Spike just sits there though. I go 'Aaaaargh!'"
So how long will 911 be around for?
"As long as we're enjoying what we do and we've got people who enjoy listening to us!"
Who's your favourite soap character?
"There's a couple of girls in Neighbours I like - that one who's having the affair with the doctor and the one who goes out with Jesse Spencer."
When did you last tell a lie?
"In an interview I did for a magazine last week."


What's the best time of day?
"I'm a morning person. It's funny because Spike and Lee are terrible in the morning. I'm singing away and putting tapes on in the car and their like, "Turn it off!"
What's your favourite chocolate bar?
"Boosts! I love Boosts oh, and Star Bars!"
Which body part d'ya wash first?
"In the shower? My head."
Do you have any birth marks?
"No, not that I've noticed anyway."
Do you use spray or roll-on deodorant?
"Spray, I don't spray it all over though, just on the essential bits."
What's your favourite TV show?
" I love The Bill. I always wanted to be a copper when I was younger. I try to figure out who's done the crime from the very beginning. I love Brookside and Coronation Street as well. I met Lyndsay Corkhill the other day!"
What's the most you've spent on a t-shirt?
"It was one my stylist brought to a shoot I haven't worn it yet but it was about 175!"
Have you ever worn lipstick?
"Yeah! When we first started out we had this really dodgy photographer and he put red lipstick on us cause he said our mouths wouldn't show up otherwise! But when the pics came out we looked even worse!"
How often do you have saucy thoughts?
"As often as any normal bloke I think, erm, quite often!"
What car do you drive?
"I've got a Vitara Jeep. It's a fat boy, which means it's got extra wide wheels."
Jacket potatoes or french fries?
"Jacket potato, I'm healthy me."
What was your first job?
"It was a Kwik Fit fitter! You know the tyre place. I loved it, I always had dirty hands!"
When was your last snog?
"Erm, ooh let me think. Have I got to be honest? Last night!"
What are you allergic to?
"Nothing at all!"
Who's your favourite All Saint?
What do you have for breakfast?
"Honey Nut Loops. I'm not into fry-ups."
What shampoo do you use?
"I use that Pantene. It smells lovely!"
How do you take your tea?
"White, one sugar please."
Have you ever waxed your bits?
"No, people say it really hurts. I'd like to give it a go just to see what it was like. Imagine if you've got a really hairy chest - it would kill!"
What's been you're best ever present?
"My recording studio. It was a present to myself."
What's the worst 911 song?
"Take Good Care - It's horrible! I don't regret the first album but I just look back at it and think 'how cheesy'. It's cheesier than cheese on toast!"
Were you in a school choir?
"Nah, we didn't have choirs at our school - too poncy!"
Ever done the full monty?
"Oh what do you mean? I've stripped off to my boxer shorts. I'd pull the back down, but not the front."
What's in your pockets?
"Not a thing. I don't carry cash!"
Do you do the lottery?
"I did it for the first time this week. I was in Woolworths getting some passport pictures done and I'd thought I'd give it a go, I didn't win!"
Do you get spots?
"No, I do get blotchy occasionally but usually when I've been caked in make-up at photoshoots all day."
Do you have your own room or share?
"I always have my own room when we're in hotels. There's no way I could with those two!"
Who's your fave pop star chum?
"Well, I'm friends with Gary Barlow. He lives near where I live with my dad!"
What's your ideal sandwich?
"Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise. Yum!"
When did you last have your bum pinched?
"Last week we went to a club and it was really packed. This girl came up behind me and squeezed my bum dead hard! I thought it was Lee messing around at first!"
How rich are you?
"I'm better off than people in some jobs, but I wouldn't say I'm comfortably off. If it all ended tomorrow I couldn't retire!"
Do you pluck your eyebrows?
"No, it's too painful. See waxing!"
Titanic or Men In Black?
"That's tricky, they were both brilliant! I'll go for Men In Black. Will Smith is simply fantastic."